work with professional partners to get you the best mortgage deal for your circumstances.

For us self employed and small business owners the recession has left us with a particular headache which is not business related, the withdrawal, almost completely of the self-certified mortgage.

So how can you improve your chances of getting a mortgage?

Lenders don’t like surprises or having to understand complex situations.  Keep it simple and don’t make changes to your business model (like incorporating) just before you apply.

Talk to a mortgage broker before you start and get an understanding of what’s affordable. That way you can maximise your deposit and get the best deal for your money.

If you can increase your deposit into the next band you’ll have many more options available.

Although this might seem odd, if your partner is employed it might make sense for them to be the first applicant, this can give more options.  Talk to your broker about it!

Lenders each have their own specialisations and criteria. Just like the commercial market a rejection from one is not the end of the world, your broker will be able to look at the reasons for rejection and help find the right lender for you.

Just like for your business, your mortgage broker needs to be a trusted member of your team.  Find a good one and keep hold of them for the future.

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