Thank you for your submission

We’re working on your case and we’ll be in touch with a list of requirements for you to send us

It’s likely to include some or all of the following, plus other specific documents relating to the type of funding you’re looking for;

  • “KYC” or Know Your Customer information (we need this for every case so please send as soon as possible). We need to prove both your identity and your address with the following documents;
    • Proof of your identity (normally passport or driving licence with your photograph)
    • Address proof (a recent utility bill is normal but if that’s not possible talk to your team about alternatives)
  • Details of the funding requirement – how much you need, how it will be repaid and when. The form covers a lot of this but we’ll may also require supporting information. These might include some or all of the following;
    • Accounts, for a business
    • Plans and costings or an appraisal for property refurbishment or a development
    • Proof of income – Pay slips or Tax returns
    • Bank statements
  • Evidence of your ability to complete the project or repay the funding. This might be a CV, business plan or might be signed off when you complete the form.

There will be further information, your broker and funding team will let you know what we need.