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The problems with funding assets

The bank doesn’t like me!

Small businesses are still getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to banking and lending.  The big banks are constantly advertising how great they are for small business but the reality is often very different.


We all know that situation, just when you think the loan is sorted the bank come back for more information and paperwork and it all takes another few weeks to get a decision.

The best rate

With most business owners going only to their own bank for a loan quote there’s very little competition. How will you know the terms they offer are the best you could get?

We have built up a great relationship with the team at Acorn, and they have made all our business purchases very straightforward.

Dennis & Maggie Cottam 3 businesses purchased with the help of

The mistakes business owners make…

Asking for too much

Only take as much as you need.  Your business is going to have to pay all that money back, with interest so to keep the business as healthy as possible for the future, only take what you need to.

Asking for too little!

Crazy as it sounds – not borrowing enough for your business is virtually as risky as borrowing too much.

If you don’t have enough capital to complete the project that you are funding, then the potential of leaving something half finished could be worse than not starting it at all.

Understand all the costs and work in a contingency if it’s needed.

Not being fully prepared!

Lenders want to know who they are lending to, why and how they will get their money back.  Not having up to date accounts, directors on board or basic information available will bring your application to a rapid halt.

Not checking your credit file!

Having bad credit is not the end of the line when it comes to applying for a loan for your business – but not disclosing it can be a major problem.

Check all directors credit before applying and, if there’s something wrong, forget your bank, start working with us immediately.

Lacking a business plan!

What’s the money for? What difference will borrowing make to your business?

Without a plan the funder is not going to understand why they are lending you the money or when to expect it back!

Not checking the terms!

A business loan can be a major commitment, understand what you are signing and if in doubt get an expert to explain it to you.

Expecting the lender to shoulder all the risk!

If you’ve got collateral but don’t want to risk it for your business then why should the lender take a risk on you?

If you don’t have the confidence to back your business then why should they?

Asset finance through is better…

What would you like to fund?

Car or van

Business vehicle funding for all circumstances.
Single vehicles or fleet purchases.

Plant & Machinery

Manufacturing, site-work, printing.
Invest in modern equipment and stay ahead of your competition.

IT Hardware and Software

Computer systems from PCs to Data Centres
Software, mobiles, infrastructure and consultancy.

Why use asset finance?

Lower risk

Let the lender worry about what the asset will be worth when you’ve finished with it.


We can assess and deliver your application to a funder within 24 hours. With a fast turnaround at their end you can buy at auction or negotiate a “cash” deal for a quick sale.

Only as long as you need it

If you need equipment for a short time, rent it for a short time.
If you’ll need it for many, many years – buy on hire purchase or we’ll negotiate a buy-out at the end of a lease.

Keep your cash liquid

By keeping asset finance away from your mortgage or business loans, your cash-flow is kept free to use for growing your business.

Release cash for growth

If you have funds tied up in equipment Sale and Leaseback releases that capital for you to invest in the business.

I got the best deal and the best service

Jillie Stross – past and future customer

Funding options – business finance

Cash-flow funding

Very quick and easy process which has now enabled me to grow my business. Wouldn’t use anyone else!

We also arrange property finance

We have used for over 20 years and can’t recommend them enough, very knowledgable, efficient, friendly and would definitely use them again

Les Kynes – past and future customer

Opportunities to work with work with a broad variety of introducers from a broad variety of sectors including;

  • Business transfer agents
  • Estate agents
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Business Consultants
  • Coaches

As one of the UK’s leading commercial brokers, is growing our regional representation.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial business to business experts to join our rapidly expanding team in order to meet our mission of Every business & Every Investor having access to the best possible funding sources.

Working with a broad selection of bridging lenders in the regulated space and Together Residential Mortgage, can package the cases your network stops you processing.

Superb service from the first phone call to the final transaction. Acorn were fantastic and we would never of got funding without them, we are now in our third year of trading and business is great.

Lisa Whitney – 5* Customer review

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Small business loan

Low minimum turnover

Flexible repayment terms

No minimum time trading

Security not always needed (only a Personal Guarantee)

Flexible facility

Extend or replace your overdraft

Use, repay and re-use the facility

Working capital, equipment, wages or growth

Merchant cash advance

Borrow against future card sales

Flexible repayment options

Pay a percentage of card sales

Less for a quiet month, more if you’re busy

Traditional lenders

As a whole of market broker we have access to the major banks and fintech lenders.


We can also access all the crowdfunding platforms offering;


Equity investments

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