From Burn Out to Healing Practitioner

Kat Griffin - All the Aces - Reiki Practitioner

Paul welcomes Kat Griffin to the show where they talk about burnout, overcoming fear, and starting a spiritually focused business. Kat shares her thoughts on corporate culture and other people’s limiting beliefs, alongside her approach to growing her business. In this episode we discuss… 1. Fitting into other people’s boxes (10:05) 2. The differences in … Read more

From Dedicated Employee to Purpose-Led Leader

Paul welcomes Michelle Mook to the show where they talk about leadership, business and overcoming challenges. Michelle shares her ten-year journey through growing a team after leaving a secure, well-paying corporate career.  In this episode we discuss… 1. Getting started online as a new business (7:30) 2. Stepping up as a leader with a purpose … Read more

From Corporate Creative to Multiple Businesses

Paul welcomes Tammi Heals to the show where they talk about the realities of owning multiple businesses, starting podcasts, cats in space and finding success in the every day. Book recommendations abound and Tammi shares her journey from a toxic workplace to being self-employed. In this episode we discuss… 1. Bullying in the workplace and … Read more

From Wondering ‘What If’ to Sales Oracle

Paul welcomes Chris Wilson to the show where they discuss the world of sales and habit building. Chris shares the parallels between his Triathalon training and sales that have given him the business he wondered about for many years and Paul digs into the journey that brought him here. In this episode we discuss… 1. … Read more

From Advertising to Jewellery with Confidence.

If you’re passionate about something, it makes it a lot easier to do Norwich’s coolest jeweller – Carol Robinson In this first episode Carol and I dive into how she got started with One of a Kind Club and how personal tragedy pushed her to make a change in her life, and that of her whole family. … Read more

Flying High with Paul Thompson

Welcome to the Flying High podcast, charting the path small business owners have taken, the trials and tribulations they have faced and where they plan to be! Paul has been funding business owners and property investors for almost quarter of a century, with winning multiple best UK broker awards along the way. We aim … Read more