1 milion opportunities for developers

Through some detailed analysis of local council’s Brownfield registers the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has discovered sites with the potential to build 1 million new homes lying vacant and unused across England.

Identifying as much as two thirds of this land as ready to develop the opportunities are ready and waiting for developers to seize the opportunity.

With funding available for sites of all shapes and sizes, there’s no reason for developers not to look to their future and get building.

Here at Acorn finance we’re working with a variety of developers working with traditional construction methods and more modern styles, producing passive homes in some cases using poured concrete build methods.

The CPRE has found space for 37,000 homes in Enfield alone, being so close to London this is prime space, and with average house prices at £460,000 and flats averaging more than £300,000 there could be a total value in the region of almost £14,000 million in this one borough alone.

Even developers fully committed elsewhere are in a position to acquire sites with our bridging lenders or joint venture funding options.

Currently there is no government policy to prioritise brownfield sites but this could mean that where a site is identified there will be less competition from large, national developers.

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The Independent

The Council for the Protection of Rural England

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  1. With the uncertainty around #Brexit there are sites available out there at great prices, meaning the savvy developer can move quickly to grab a site and get on with the development. Whatever happens with the UK’s future relationship with the EU, housing will remain at a premium and, overall, will continue to grow over time.

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