Our business is funding YOUR BUSINESS

The business finance options your business needs

Commercial mortgages

For a business trading from premises, a mortgage will allow you to own your premises or raise money against property you already own.

Business loans

For smaller loans or businesses without freehold premises a business loan can be unsecured or secured against other property such as your buy-to-let portfolio or even your own residence.

Invoice finance

Is your business growing but income lagging behind? Our funding experts can arrange an immediate cash injection against your existing sales, then a facility which will grow as your sales grow.

Asset Finance

For vehicles and equipment for your business, asset finance can be the most tax-efficient and cost effective means to ensure you are up to date.

International Trade

If your business imports or exports our finance experts will help you with currency transfers and funding for goods in transit, payments and protect your interests. 

Revolving finance facilities

Sometimes what you really need is an overdraft, use it, repay it, then use it again. But the bank’s not listening? Our funders have flexible options to fund up to £500,000 for your business.

Merchant Cash Advance

For a quick cash injection into any retail business, no security, no legal fees – just a fast approval process and funds in your account within hours.  Contact our experts for more information and eligibility

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans (CBILS)

As we continue through the Cononavirus crisis the backlog of CBILS applications is still growing.

Our independent lenders offer CBILS to business customers who don’t fit the main bank’s criteria, who are still waiting for a decision or who need another loan beyond what their own bank has provided.

Speak to your Acorn.finance advisor and get your business moving forward.