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Business finance is complex – Let’s make it simple.

Running a business is a full tim, finance will be

Business is tough enough so when your business needs finance, using a professional business finance broker like will get you FUNDED!

Tell us what your business needs and our business finance brokers will work with you and our unbeaten lender panel to get you the funds you need.

Unlike your bank we work for YOU – we’re independent from the insurance selling, overdraft cutting, branch closing mentality. We’re just about getting you the money!

And we’re speaking to decision makers – saving you time (and money) in the process.

Whatever your business, funding you is our business

Commercial mortgages

Commercial mortgage

A commercial mortgage for your business premises – whether you’re buying new premises or remortgaging your existing premises to raise money or reduce payments, our commercial mortgage experts will work with you to assess your business needs and put the lending you need into place.

Your commercial mortgage can be used for a variety of purposes, including buying a property, refurbishing a property or raising money for your business cash flow.

We can also review your current mortgage payments and reschedule your payments to reduce your monthly outgoings or help you repay your mortgage faster

Commercial mortgage calculator

Repayment terms can be up to 30 years with some lenders, spreading your payments out over a longer term can reduce your monthly repayments quite considerably, for example – the same £500,000 commercial mortgage, with the same interest rate of 3.5% but over different terms will have the following monthly repayments;

10 year commercial mortgage

£4,944 per month

20 year commercial mortgage

£2,890 per month

30 year commercial mortgage

£2,245 per month

There’s a great deal to consider when you’re considering commercial mortgages and the interest rate is just one of those considerations.

Examples of businesses we’re able to provide commercial mortgages for;

Motor trade
Childcare & education
Petrol Stations

Revolving Credit facility

Revolving credit facility

A Revolving Credit Facility will provide your business with the cash you need, quickly! Like an extension to your business overdraft you can use funds, repay them and then use them again as often as you need.

As the banks have reduced or withdrawn overdraft facilities to many businesses the option of a revolving credit facility is vital as a cash flow solution to cover things like;

  • Stock payments – especially for seasonal businesses.
  • Wage bills –
  • staff wage bills to me met or other working capital requirements. Because a revolving credit facility is agreed for a set period, the lender guarantees the finance line approved will be available for what you agree at outset.

Business Loans

Secured business loan

For a cash-injection into your business, for any purpose a business loan is a simple and cost effective option. In the light of the loan being secured against collateral (normally property) the loan term can be longer. Not only does this reduce the monthly repayments but also the interest rate charged.

Because your advisor can arrange Personal Guarantee Insurance, we’ll work with you to minimise any unacceptable risk to your home or your portfolio. We do this because loans secured on property do have the danger of that property being repossessed by the lender in the case of default.

Asset finance

Equipment, vehicle and asset finance

As an alternative to a loan, especially an unsecured loan, asset finance can be secured against the equipment or vehicles to be purchased. So that can mean that there’s no need to charge property with all the time and expense around that.

Assets being purchased or already on the balance sheet can be financed or refinanced making asset finance a flexible option for many businesses.

Because your advisor can arrange Personal Guarantee Insurance, we’ll work with you to minimise unacceptable risk to your home or your portfolio. We do this because loans secured on property do have the danger of that property being repossessed by the lender in the case of default.

Start-up business loans

Start-up loans

For new start businesses or those with less than 2 years trading history a loan supported by the UK Government might be an option.

In order to support entrepreneurship they offer unsecured loans at discounted interest rates.

We have a variety of other lenders who are not affiliated with the scheme so that all businesses are able to get full access to finance.

Business Loans

Business loans

Not every business needing finance is a start-up, not every business owner has access to property as security or a guarantor.

So at we have a broad range of business loan providers from the short term to medium term to fit your funding needs.

For growth, stock, a new staff member or to buy a vehicle, sometimes an unsecured loan being the fastest and most hassle free way to borrow will be ideal.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance is a form of unsecured business finance especially for busy retail and hospitality business. Because it’s tied to your card processing account so, you’ll need some card sales to get an MCA.

Because the repayments are a percentage of your card sales, you’ll pay less in quiet months but when business is good, you’ll clear the loan down faster.

Invoice finance

Invoice finance

Invoice finance (factoring and invoice discounting) is a flexible form of business finance to help business owners to unlock funds from their unpaid invoices and sales process.

By agreeing a facility against the unpaid invoices the business can typically drawdown up to 90% of the invoiced amount.

Because the facility size is tied to your sales performance rather than fixed assets, a growing business can unlock an increasing amount of finance as it grows.

Trade finance

Trade finance for import or export

For import and export traders, especially those working with distant suppliers or customers, shipping times and getting paid on time can prove difficult. Because you’re not there to deliver you need a finance partner to work with who will fund against goods or materials in transit, make sure payment is made, goods are shipped and your business grows.

Cash flow finance

Cash flow finance

For help with short term liquidity a cash flow facility can be a loan, secured against the turnover of the business or an invoice facility. So – to get the best advice contact our funding specialists to discuss your options.

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