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Every business needs funding, you can bootstrap – reinvesting your profits or you can speed it up by getting the right finance.  

A business loan from our funders could be the key to your business success.

Funding your growth


Accessing our extensive business lending panel gives your business access to award winning lenders in every area.  

A secured business loan will allow you to borrow funds for a longer term, maintaining lower monthly repayments and safeguarding your cash flow.

An unsecured business loan will often have to be repaid over a maximum of five years but is less costly and time consuming to arrange.  Perfect for an affordable top up loan for your cash flow needs.

While many lenders look at your track record over years or months trading to assess what they will lend, we’re also working with a variety of lenders for start up loans. 

So your new business can be funded, just as well as an existing one. recently funded cases

What makes unique?

Having more than 300 lenders on our lending panel means our key task is to keep things simple for you!

We call it F.U.N.D.E.D. 

It’s a simple 6 step process, which is unique to

FUNDED means that your broker will take the time to understand your funding needs today AND your future plans before we make recommendations;

It saves you time and money because by having that detailed understanding we go directly to the best sources of funding.

What types of funding can arrange?

For property investors and property developers. Our panel of bridging lenders covers short term finance for refurbishment, conversion or development. 

You can also refinance your bridging loan or purchase directly onto a buy to let mortgage or commercial investment mortgage.

Our finance experts have extensive experience in the commercial funding market and using our FUNDED model.

Funding built for you

Flats in Edinburgh, ideal first time investment for a buy to let mortgage

Does work with all businesses?

Your business needs funds, from looking after day to day cash flow to property purchases.

Through you can access a market leading panel of almost 350 lending sources.

Our finance experts have extensive experience in the commercial funding market and using our FUNDED model.

Perfect for your business

commercial investment mortgage for property purchase

What about my home mortgage?

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