Buying a business in the service sector

Funding your business purchase

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The service sector is full of businesses, just like ours who don’t have a physical product to sell. We still need funding though, but so often the big banks are unhelpful, especially if your business doesn’t fit their “perfect template”. are here to help!

Business loans
Business loans – why do you want one?

Why are you looking for a business loan and what will you use it for?

Is it the right solution to your current situation?

Our business loan experts can arrange funding in as little as a couple of days.  Find out more or apply now.

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Growing pains
Cash-flow problems

Rapid growth can cause as much a problem as slow growth, the need to gear up for delivery can have a massive effect on cash-flow, especially if your customers are paying you 90 days after you invoice them.

There are a number of solutions available including invoice factoring and discounting

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Property funding
Commercial mortgages | Bridging  

Property funding for your business might be the purchase of premises to trade from or raising money from your residential property to help growth or cash-flow.


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Equipment | Vehicles |  IT 

Growing businesses need to update their equipment and assets in good time.  IT failures, broken down cars or old shabby equipment means poor results and will eventually ruin your business.

With a wide variety of funding options, you can buy or rent the equipment and assets your business needs to grow.

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Equipment and vehicle funding

100% – funded!

Funding for sitting tenants able to buy their freeholds from private landlords or pub companies.  Since 1997 have pioneered this type of purchase, helping hundreds of customers secure their freehold with funding of 100% of the purchase price.  Whats more, in most cases the mortgage repayment is much less than the rent was previously, especially so for tied leasehold pubs.

Not only are we the experts in this form of commercial mortgage but we offer a free assessment of your freehold value, what you should offer and what we can raise for you.  

With current uncertainty in the commercial real-estate market there’s never been a better time to make an offer and secure your freehold.

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Closed units and disposals

Closed or undertrading units, pub company disposals & new business
Pubs, hotels & restaurants without the requisite accounts

Sometimes you find the perfect business but the current owners just are not trading it to give us the proof we need that you can repay a commercial mortgage.

That can be for a number of reasons; 

  • The unit is closed
  • The unit is being run by tenants or relief management, meaning that the vendor does not have access to the accounts (this is the case when a pub company is selling)
  • The unit has under-traded, due to the retirement of the owners or ill health
  • It’s a brand new site being developed

Whatever the reason, as long as you can produce a comprehensive business plan (we can help with this) then the funding can be arranged to make the purchase.

Over the years we’ve known customers double the value of outlets by buying at the very bottom of the market and being able to trade them successfully. 

The failure of the previous owner does not need to make a pub, hotel or restaurant site unviable, it may mean that they had the wrong business model or were the wrong operators.

If you are the right operator with the right plan – funding will be available. 

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Freehold business purchase

Buying a freehold business
Buying a freehold pub, restaurant or hotel

Why should you look at buying a freehold pub, hotel or restaurant rather than saving a lot of cash and buying a lease?

A freehold business includes the property, the “bricks and mortar” that you’ll be trading from.  A commercial mortgage can be secured on the property (a lease is typically not considered suitable loan security). This allows you to borrow over a longer term, with lower monthly payments than typical lease rental payments.

You might need less deposit than you expect, as the best lenders in the market will lend against the Market Value (MV) which includes goodwill, rather than just the Closed Value (Bricks and Mortar).  For the right proposition, it’s possible to fund up to 75% of MV.

Leases can come with other clauses limiting your ability to trade profitably.  From upward only rent reviews to tied leases, there are a variety of mechanisms designed to help your landlord grow richer and make you work harder.

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Leaseholds and tenancies

Buying a business on lease or tenancy
Buying a lease or tenancy for a pub, restaurant or hotel

Leases and tenancies have traditionally been the entries to the licensed and leisure trade.  Lower cost than buying the freehold of the premises, a lease gives access to locations with much better trade than would be affordable on a freehold.

Whilst funding on an unsecured basis for leased businesses has always been difficult, if we can satisfy a lender that repayments can comfortably be met then funding can be arranged.

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The FUNDED process

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