How to create perfect posts on social media

Social media help for small business owners

Struggling with your social media strategy?

housands of small business owners around the world struggle with what they want to say, what their “voice” is of the different platforms and how to present the information.

This helpful infographic came from but is so useful I needed to repeat it here.

They have a huge amount of useful information for any small business owner or solotrepeneur.

I am not going to define how you use social media but give some ideas as to the ways to publish your content in order to get the most engagement and action.

im Reid (Small Business Big Marketing) discusses the correct “voice” for each social media outlet in a number of his podcast episodes.  The consideration here is the audience and the type of conversation which each channel has; Linkedin is a different audience to Facebook.  Twitter conversations are, by virtue of the 140 character limit very different to the long form articles possible in Linkedin, which could even extend into an adjunct to your business blog.

As for video and podcasting – there are a plethora of sites to get your podcast, vodcast or other content out there and that’s what we should all be doing.

There is so much to add in marketing – we’ll come back to this subject with future articles but I’d love to hear from you.

Struggling with your social media strategy?

No need! Let’s get small business marketing sorted!

How to create perfect posts on social media

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