Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas

As the year draws to a close here’s a round up of our news – we look forward to hearing yours.

Tom’s retirement

After over 30 years in the industry and forming Acorn Commercial Finance with me back in 1997, Tom has retired from the business. He’s enjoying his retirement, working on growing his buy to let portfolio and enjoying spending more time with Judy and the dogs.

Acorn is 20 years old

2017 will see celebrate our 20th anniversary of funding businesses and property investors.
In our 20 years of business have funded many hundreds of businesses and other properties and helped many UK enterprises to grow and thrive.

Zidisha – direct loans that make a dramatic impact.

This year, in preparation for our 20th anniversary we have begun using some of our fees to lend to small businesses in the developing world. Rather than sending Christmas cards out this year we have made an additional loan.
We’ve already helped to fund 11 small businesses in Africa and it would be great if you could help us to increase our impact.
Zidisha is very different to traditional aid organisations in that they provide loans to small businesses who don’t have the access to funds we enjoy in the UK. Many of the loans are very small but there’s always an assumption that they will be repaid.
By lending to help small business we’re growing the economy from the bottom up, helping small businesses become larger, increasing employment and helping to stabilise economies.
It’s my belief that small business can help reduce poverty more effectively than big government.
Please help us to support small business in the developing world here.

acorn – growth in 2016

We’re working hard to grow our capacity to assist more businesses & property professionals access the funding they need to grow so as well as simplifying the steps you need to complete to get your loan approved we’ve also taken on two apprentice finance packagers, Charlotte and Millie. They have both taken to the role exceptionally well and are taking on more and more of the packaging role moving forward, allowing Jonathan and I to work through cases and talk to more new clients. This move has been great for us and has resulted in a full 5* rating from an independent customer service review provider.

What we do

Even after all these years we still get clients and introducers asking if we can help with unusual funding requests – YES WE CAN!
Over the years, as well as mortgages for businesses and buy to let property we’ve arranged cash-flow loans to help with tax payments, Christmas stock, or a hefty invoice dropping at the wrong time of year.
We also help with funding for growth – equipment and vehicles, or helping with the gaps between buying stock and invoicing.
In fact – for anything which is not lending to you as a “consumer” then will be able to help – we’re the alternative to your bank.

Onwards and upwards

We’re looking forward to helping more of you than ever before in 2017. We all wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas 2016

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