Paul Thompson – Partner and property finance specialist

Founder of Acorn.Finance, Paul has been financing businesses and property since 1997 when he joined forces with Tom Thompson as business partners, seeing a gap in the market for the business owners of smaller businesses who still operate the business full time. Those entrepreneurs didn’t always have the time, skills or knowledge to arrange the best finance for their business purchase, start-up or continued growth.

Paul has worked closely with a wide variety of buy to let investors, commercial property investors and property developers to arrange the most competitive finance schemes for projects of all sizes.

Committed to providing the best possible finance for clients Paul has completed multiple professional training courses and spent five years on the board of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, four of those as the Training and Education Director – working on bringing up the standards of every finance broker operating in the UK.

Before coming into the commercial finance sector Paul was a Sea King pilot for the Royal Navy and attended university in Nottingham.

Outside work Paul enjoys running and cycling, live music and spending time with his wife, Kate, the kids and their labrador. Paul completed his first marathon in 2019 – the Edinburgh marathon, achieving the race just within his target time.

Paul is working on his first book – a guide to financing your first business in hospitality and is regularly found speaking at conferences and events up and down the UK.