• Whilst not a new phenomenon, (the funding for the plinth of the Statue of Liberty being an early example), the age of the internet has certainly put the crowd into crowdfunding.

    Peer to peer lending in the modern age relies on the internet to draw the crowd together and present them with the business to be funded. The internet has made connecting the crowd and the business so much easier, with information available at the click of a mouse the lenders can establish the kind of company, who is behind it and even how they are performing before they lend.

    Your Acorn.finance broker will help guide you to a suitable lender for your business.

    Peer to peer business lending
  • Peer to peer business loan

    Crowdfunding loans

    Lenders act more like the bank, assessing the risk of a business loan proposition and deciding for themselves how much to lend to a business and what interest rate is warranted.

    The loan interest rate is then an aggregate of all their smaller (crowd) loans.

    Some lenders now assess the risk of the proposition and offer a standard interest rate for the public to buy into, giving a guaranteed rate of return.

    Your Acorn.finance broker will guide you through the crowd to your ideal lender.

    Crowdfunding loans
  • Business loan alternatives

    Get the crowd behind your project.  If they believe in you and your business idea then together we'll get the funding through a range of rewards.

    Rewards for peer to peer finance can be as simple as a supporter's T-shirt or early access to your product when launched.

    What about a special "backers' reception" or champagne launch?

    With no cost of finance, as per a crowdfunded loan, a rewards based crowdfunding campaign could be perfect for a new start business or a product launch.

    Rewards based finance
  • Business loan alternatives

    P2P Equity finance

    As an alternative to traditional business angels it's possible to mobilise the crowd to arrange peer to peer (p2p) equity funding.

    Contact Acorn.finance with your requirements to get your funding journey underway

    P2P Equity finance

    We believe in making things simple so you have more time to run your business.

    We call it F.U.N.D.E.D. It’s a 6 step process, which is unique to Acorn.finance.

    FUNDED means that we understand your finance case and business before we make recommendations.  It saves time and money because by having that detailed understanding your Acorn.finance broker can go directly to the best sources of funding.

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