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The range of property finance is as broad as the range or properties out there, so it’s great that here at we have access to more than 350 lenders to make your plans off the ground!

Whatever your property plan looks like, we’ve got the funding you need to make it happen;

Built especially for you!

What sort of finance do you need?

Bridging loans

Our experts will find the right bridging loan for your situation from over 125 bridging lenders on our panel, so you get a better deal, whatever you need;

  • Low cost bridging from 0.45% per month so you’ll always get the lowest rate possible.
  • Up to 80% of the value of the property can be raised, because sometimes you need that little extra!
  • Bridging finance arranged in as little as 5 days, because sometimes speed counts – for auction purchases or when you’re a “cash buyer”.
  • Lending for properties which are un-mortgageable – From a simple refurbishment, re-wire or kitchen/bathroom install to a new roof or underpinning.
  • Finance raised for other properties or business purposes, because funding needs are not always property related, if you need funding for your business, to purchase stock, grow or survive – your property equity can be used for any reason.
What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short term form of property finance, it’s designed to “bridge a gap” between two points. So, the most common use is when you’re purchasing a property which is not fit for a long term mortgage. Not only the property might not be suitable for a mortgage, of course being tied into a mortgage might not suit your needs.

How does bridging finance work?

Generally bridging loans will be granted as a percentage of the value of the property, in most cases lending fees and interest for the term of the loan will then be deducted from the advance so it’s important to get quotes before you commit. Once work on the property is finished, the property can be sold or remortgaged against it’s higher value and the bridging loan repaid.

How flexible is a bridging loan?

With the variety of lenders available there is a bridging loan to meet your needs. If you need a flexible product then a Revolving Credit Facility might be more suitable. For any sort of standard bridging loan, refurbishment or development our lending panel can provide the product you need.

Is a bridging loan expensive?

It’s a common misconception that bridging loans are expensive. Although the interest rates are generally higher than for a term loan, the fact that a bridging loan is for a shorter period and typically allowing time to add value to the property means that as opportunity finance, bridging can offer very good value.

Find out more or contact us to get a quote.

Refurbishment loans

Before you embark on your next refurbishment project make sure you’ve got the right bridging finance. Whether your hoping to increase the rental income from a property or flip it to generate cash, can fund your needs in a matter of days.

  • Specific schemes for Light, Medium or Heavy refurbishment schemes so every case is possible.
  • Light refurbishments funded straight onto mortgages for investors, so where the refurbishment is less than 15% of the property cost, you’ll save on fees and time.
  • Refurbish to term bridging loans with guaranteed rollover onto a long term buy to let mortgage so you’ve got the confidence of the take out route from day one.
  • Borrow up to 90% of purchase price of the property to keep things simple if you can fund the refurbishment yourself, for example.
  • OR up to 100% of the refurbishment cost
What sort of refurbishment project can I finance?

Almost anything, especially as property usage is changing rapidly in a post-lockdown world. We’re seeing a wider variety of property being repurposed for residential use under permitted development rules.

How long can I borrow against a refurbishment project?
What’s the difference between a refurbishment loan and a bridging loan?

Property conversion finance

Conversion of property has always been popular and is increasingly important as we see new patterns of working emerging. Conversions of barns have been around for decades, as have warehouse conversion projects and other landmark buildings. Increasingly we’re seeing office to residential conversions as more office based workers are working from home.

We’re funding conversions of;
  • Barns and other farm buildings
  • Lofts
  • Garages
  • Period homes
  • Churches & Chapels
  • Mills
  • School buildings
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial property
What sort of conversion project can I finance?
How much can I borrow against a conversion project?
What’s the difference between a conversion loan and other bridging finance types?

Property development finance

Property developers are faced with a massive array of options and advice around the funding for property development projects. Fortunately your development expert has the fast track to the right development finance for you. Whether its your first project or your hundredth. We have the right funding options for new and experienced developers alike.

We’re funding both residential and commercial property developments;
  • Up to 100% of costs funded through our Joint Venture funding schemes
  • From single units to multi-million developments funded by our experienced team
  • First time developers
  • Experienced teams
What sort of property development project can I finance?
How much can I borrow against a development project?
What’s the difference between a property development loan and other bridging finance types?

Revolving Credit Facility

For a more flexible approach to property finance look no further than a Revolving Credit Facility.

Much like an overdraft, a facility is agreed for a set term (normally a year) which you can use, repay and use again.

You can do that as often as you want, for the term of the facility.

The beauty is, you’ll only pay interest when you’re using it, so the costs can be very reasonable.

You can even use a Revolving Credit Facility for your trading business.

Buy to let mortgages

Residential investment property finance or mortgages is most commonly known as buy to let mortgages.

Even following recent difficulties in the Private Rental Sector (due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the Section 24 tax grab), the sector still accounts for 17% of the overall UK housing stock (Shawbrook Bank 08/2021) and looks like it’s back on the increase.

While some lenders have restrictions around property types, usage, experience or income our lending panel overcomes all these difficulties and more;

  • Corporate borrowers (limited companies)
  • Trusts and other special situations
  • Offshore entities
  • Ex-pat or non-UK nationals
  • Non-homeowners
  • Professional landlords
  • Low income borrowers
  • Property developers

Properties suitable for buy to let mortgages;

As well as standard houses and flats we’re able to arrange mortgages for the following property types;

  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Multi Unit Freehold Block (MUFB)
  • Corporate leases
  • Holiday rentals
  • Short-term serviced accommodation
  • Properties of non-standard construction

Investment mortgages

As the residential property market changes, more investors are looking to alternative property types to grow their portfolio. Property portfolios are becoming more diverse and varied. There’s property finance available for all kinds of investment – so whatever your interest in investment, contact us to discuss.

Recent commercial property investment cases;
  • Shops & retail units
  • Pubs & hotels
  • Office space
  • Light industrial
  • Semi-commercial (shops with uppers)
  • Mixed business parks
  • Agricultural land and buildings
  • Warehouses & online retail

Portfolio mortgages

As your investment portfolio grows, so the property finance providers appetite changes, some lenders have upper limits on the number or the type of properties you hold, while others have minimum portfolio or lending requirements.

As you grow your portfolio your property funding requirements change, ensure you get the right mortgage and bridging advice from our award-winning experts.

Commercial mortgages

Owner occupied business mortgages have always been an specialisation, so we’re always looking for the best ways to fund business owners needs.

Our experts are working constantly with customers and lenders to get the very best commercial mortgage options, in the same way we’re working with our property investment finance clients.

So – whatever your business, whatever your property finance requirements, contact us now.

We’re funding commercial mortgages for;
  • Retail units
  • Fast food outlets
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Surgeries
  • Offices
  • Online retail
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial units
  • Agricultural property
  • Kennels & Catteries