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Funding to meet your property plan – for now & for your future.


Here for your property business

As a professional finance brokerage is here for your buy to let journey from your first property to your hundredth. We work with the whole market for buy to let mortgage lenders and will ensure you achieve your property plan. As well as buy to let mortgages we also use other products such as bridging finance, refurbishment loans and revolving credit facilities to meet your needs. So – think big and talk to one of our funding experts now.

A buy-to-let mortgage is a specific form of mortgage to enable property investment.  A buy-to-let mortgage is paid from the rent the tenants will be paying rather than your own income.

Your property strategy will define the lender and product we use, but our market leading panel will provide the best funding for your current situation and your long term property finance needs

With well over a hundred buy to let mortgage lenders on our lending panel, it’s our job to find the best one for your needs, now and looking towards the future of your property investment journey using our FUNDED model.

Our brokers are not algorithms, they are real people with experience in the property and finance markets. We understand the nuanced differences between lenders and their criteria for a buy to let mortgage.

By understanding your longer term plan we can advise on the lenders’ tie ins, fixed rates and help you opt for the right combination of options.

You can!

Our panel of more than 100 buy to let mortgage providers covers everyone from the first time investor (and even the first time buyer) to owners of substantial property portfolios.

Our team have extensive experience with ex-pat and non uk buyers and have completed cases remotely during the COVID-19 crisis with customers unable to travel to the UK.

The funding will be borrowed against the value of the property and repaid from the rent coming in from the tenants.

Because the rent paid by the tenants is the main way to pay the mortgage, the affordability calculations are primarily based on the rent. For that reason some lenders don’t have a minimum income requirement (many of them will still need to see your income though, to make sure you have enough to live on)


As your portfolio grows your borrowing options change.

Keep on top of the right funding options as you grow by working with our funding experts and grow your portfolio.

If you’re buying (or own) a commercial property or a semi-commercial (often a flat or office on the lower floor with a flat above) then our advisors can help with a commercial investment mortgage.

Typically seen us for experienced investors commercial investments are becompingmuch more available for all investors

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