• A single investment property

    Buy to let mortgage

    A buy to let mortgage for a first time buyer or first time landlord need not be a worry.

    There is a huge variety of lenders available  on the Acorn.finance panel and our expert advisors are on hand guide you to the right mortgage product.

    Even first time buyers are able to borrow up to 85% of the property value (subject to income checks) and with the current Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday now could be the perfect time to get started in property investment.

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    Buy to let mortgage
  • Growing your portfolio

    Portfolio buy to let mortgages

    As your property portfolio grows it's normal to look to more commercial buy to let mortgage providers.  Many lenders have limiting restrictions in terms of the number of properties or the total loan. 

    Through Acorn.finance you'll have access to specialist investment portfolio mortgage lenders who will extend your borrowing potential, which will allow you space to grow with more properties and potentially reduce the mortgage deposit you'd have to pay by remortgaging your existing property portfolio.

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    Portfolio buy to let mortgages
  • Limited company lending

    Corporate buy to let mortgage

    Following the changes to personal tax alowances around buy to let interest, many property investors have switched to using a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company to house their portfolio.

    As a specialist in buy to let mortgages Acorn.finance have a wide selection of corporate buy to let mortgages (or business buy to let mortgages) to fit every investor, from a single unit to a large portfolio.

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    Corporate buy to let mortgage
  • Refurbishments & the 6 month rule

    Wait to refinance?

    There's a common misconception that all lenders require 6 months after a purchase before a property can be refinanced.

    This is not correct, there are lenders on the Acorn.finance panel who will reimburse the costs of the refurbishment or just lend against the full value of the property.

    Find out more about growing your buy to let portfolio

    Wait to refinance?
  • Meeting your investment needs

    Commercial property is also an option as part of your buy to let portfolio and Acorn.finance are able to assist with buy to let mortgages for commercial investment property as well as residential investments. 

    If you need to know more about your commercial buy to let mortgage options contact our experts.

    Commercial buy to let mortgage
  • Mixed use property


    Your Acorn.finance advisor can also arrange funding for a more complex property -  semi-commercial, mixed use property, properties with unusual construction methods or properties with shorter leases.

    Looking at your existing portfolio we can also reduce your mortgage deposit by combining properties into a single portfolio mortgage. 

    Whatever your needs, contact Acorn.finance


    We believe in making things simple so you have more time to run your business.

    We call it F.U.N.D.E.D. It’s a 6 step process, which is unique to Acorn.finance.

    FUNDED means that we understand your finance case and business before we make recommendations.  It saves time and money because by having that detailed understanding your Acorn.finance broker can go directly to the best sources of funding.

    business growth funding

    It works from when you are first introduced to your Acorn.finance consultant.

    They will take the time to understand your experience, needs and opportunities before working with our leading panel of lenders to finance your business or property needs.

    Buy to let mortgage FAQs

    Can a buy to let mortgage be my first property purchase?

    Yes - some but not all lenders will approve a first time buyer.  More property investors are doing this as it becomes harder to get on the property ladder in some areas, so rather than have to move away from their work, you can get into property and build equity and income to help get your own home at a later date.

    Can I live in my buy to let?

    Yes - but it might change the status of your buy to let mortgage so discuss your plans with your advisor at the earliest opportunity.

    Can I rent out the property I live in now?

    Yes - this is called a consumer let to buy and can be arranged with many buy to let lenders.

    Just let us know the property details and where you'll be moving to and we can go ahead, remortgaging your property and helping you to purchase a new home through Acorn.mortgage.

    How much do I need to earn for a buy to let mortgage?

    There's no minimum earnings limit, so long as you're able to cover your outgoings with your current income and you don't have to rely on the property to prop you up, it's fine.

    How do buy to let mortgages work?

    The mortgage is calculated on the rent from the property, that can mean your own earnings are not taken into account. If the rent's too low though you could top it up from your earnings.

    How much deposit do I need for a buy to let mortgage?

    Currently the minimum deposit you need for your buy to let mortgage is 15% of the property value - so an 85% mortgage.  This varies so please check with us to ensure you know what's available to you and when you're looking.  It can be possible to fund the deposit from other property or assets so in some cases you could get 100% funding and not have to put a deposit down at all.

    How hard is getting a buy to let mortgage?

    It can be a bit more complex to set your buy to let mortgage up than a residential mortgage, after all this is a business investment. Our experts deal with this every day and will make the process as easy as possible for you.

    How can I improve the properties in my portfolio?

    With the government legislating to ensure let properties are energy efficient and the general maintenance required on your properties cashflow can sometimes be an issue. Fortunately, with our access to short term lenders and second charges, there's always a solution even if you're tied into long fixed rates. 

    Can I give up work and live off the rental income?

    Yes! Once your portfolio is big enough to support your needs then why not? There are plenty of buy-to-let mortgage lenders who will look at your overall financial position and do not require a certain level of employed earnings.

    What if house values drop?

    Don't sell! House price corrections are only an issue if you have to sell during that period. A diverse portfolio will help you to ride recessions or further changes to benefits and keep the rent flooding in. If house prices dip and you have the ability then it's a great time to buy!

    What is an HMO property?

    A house of multiple occupation (HMO) is becoming more commonplace as housing costs rise. The definition of an HMO is three or more households living in a property with some shared facilities. (Kitchen, bathroom or toilet facilities). If each tenant has fully private facilities then the property becomes a "multi-let" or is a block of flats!

    Larger HMOs and those in specific areas require licencing, check with your local authority if you're not sure.

    What's the difference between a commercial valuation and "bricks and mortar"?

    HMO properties are sometimes valued based on rental yields, this is referred to as a commercial valuation. Some lenders will accept this as the value for lending if certain criteria are met;

        • The property is in an area where other HMO development would be restricted, by "Article 4" or other means.
        • The conversion of the property is such that it would not be easy to replicate in the immediate area.
        • Lenders may also look at property usage and values.

    In cases where these criteria are not met then the lender will lend against the standard value of the empty property (vacant possession) and some lenders might reduce that by the amount required to convert the house back to standard family usage.

    Can I convert a property to an HMO?

    Yes - Your Acorn.finance advisor will be able to help here, so long as you check the local licensing requirements a bridging loan will help to fund the purchase and the conversion then refinance straight away onto a long term mortgage.

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