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Property development funding

Whether you are a first time property developer or experienced in the market finance can still be confusing. have access to the whole of market for development funding and are ready to help you find the best lending partner for your project.

Part one of property development finance – when it’s finished…

A development loan to fit into your property strategy is very important so before commencing you should consider;

  • What will the final development be worth?
    • Most lenders will lend a percentage of the final value of the properties.  An estate agent’s opinion will be particularly valuable when the plans are finalised.
  • Will the property be retained and added to your rental property portfolio?
  • Will this property be the first part of your portfolio?
  • Do you intend to sell the completed project to allow more funds to go forward to the next development?

Back to the beginning.

Once the exit plan is finalised then we can look at the funding proposition. Having a selection of lenders means finding the best one for your project.

We’ll need to understand;

  • The scope of the project, in material terms and funding terms.
  • The costs, including land cost, professional and planning fees and build costs.
  • The expected timescales for the build, including identified areas of difficulties.
  • Your previous development experience or details of the team working around you and how they are contracted.

We can then work with a small number of the prime lenders suitable for your project and arrange the ideal funding package to be ready the day you need it.


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Why should arrange your property development finance?


  • Projects of all sizes can be funded;
    • Residential – single plots to developing an estate.
    • Commercial – small self-use projects through to large spec. developments.
  • Funding at low cost for experienced, well financed developers.
  • High levels of funding, up to 100% of build cost.
  • Competitive rates of interest for all developers, new or experienced in the market.
  • Expert help to get the plan right and ensure you will get the best funding package.