Development funding

Early stages

To come out with the most profitable completed development, you need the right ingredients, just like making a cake!

Location, Location, Location

The location of your development is crucial, is the demand there, is there a need for the type of properties proposed, and if there’s no planning permission, is it likely to be granted?

On the right plan

Having the perfect development site in the perfect location is great but you need to be putting the right property in there, look at the surroundings and, if necessary, take advice. Planning officials can be very helpful if they think they are getting what they want!

Checking the figures

Understand all the costs, from site acquisition through to sale – only then can we start to look at funding the project, get the figures wrong and you could end up with a funding gap to fill at the last minute or taking funding which is more expensive than it needed to be. Check and double check every cost.