Portfolio mortgages

Portfolio mortgages

For growing property investors

Why choose Acorn.finance for your portfolio buy to let mortgage?

  • Access to the whole of market of lenders including every award winning mortgage product.
  • Mortgage terms to suit you; variable rates or fixed rates from 2 to 15 years.
  • Options to overpay your mortgage to reduce the capital or stick to interest only. You’re in control.
  • Mortgages for UK nationals, based here or ex-patriates, foreign investors, companies, trusts or pensions.
  • Residential, commercial or mixed portfolios.

Who is a portfolio buy to let mortgage for?

Any investor with (or growing) a portfolio of four or more mortgaged properties is classed as a portfolio landlord. If this isn’t you yet then please return to our buy to let mortgage page or our commercial investment mortgage page, you’ll be back here soon! If you’re looking for your business to work out of, that’s a commercial mortgage.

Many “high street” or direct lenders have limits around how many properties you can own, so once you hit those limits, you’ll need a more commercial lender.

Our lending panel have no limits around the size of your portfolio, as long as affordability checks can be passed you can grow your property portfolio as large as you want.

For a better portfolio mortgage – use a better broker!

Acorn.finance are one of the UK’s leading finance brokers for property and business, established almost 25 years ago and have been awarded seven UK best broker awards.

Portfolio buy to let mortgages

Acorn.finance – here to grow your property portfolio.

From properties 1, 2, 3 to 100 or more, our funding experts will get the right portfolio mortgage for your growth plans.

Portfolio mortgage Frequently Asked Questions;

How do you qualify for a portfolio loan?

There’s no simple qualification for a portfolio mortgage, any landlord with four or more mortgaged investment properties will be considered as a portfolio landlord. Whilst some mortgage lenders (and brokers) see this as limiting, we at Acorn.finance see it as an opportunity for growth.
With no requirements for “earned” income in the background, a “perfect” credit score or other limits. The sky is your only limit.

What are portfolio lenders?

Portfolio lenders will take a more commercial view of your whole property portfolio and look at your interest cover across the full portfolio.

How many properties do you need for a portfolio mortgage?

If you have four or more properties with mortgages then most lenders will consider you a portfolio landlord.

What does it mean to be a portfolio landlord?

As your portfolio grows so does the time required to manage it, lenders will want to understand how you operate your property portfolio, if you use lettings management companies, for instance.
It’s not a requirement but the lender will look for good management.

What credit score do you need for a portfolio mortgage?

As with any other form of finance there is no minimum credit score, lenders will look at your portfolio and your credit history to ensure that any borrowing you take is sustainable and they are lending diligently.