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Property development loans

  • Up to 100% of the development costs funded

  • competitive interest rates

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  • Access to almost 250 lenders is your ideal partner in arranging finance for your business or property needs.

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Property development with low interest rates of all sizes funded

Property development

A development loan to fit into your property strategy.

At we can help you fund projects of all sizes; whether its a residential property to be developed into an estate, or commercial self-use projects through to large spec developments.

We can find you funding for up to 100% of the development build cost. With competitive rates of interest for all developers, new or experienced in the market, will be the first and only stop for funding your property development dream!

Our 20 years experience have given us a selection of around 250 lenders, therefore we can find the best one for your project. There has been no better time to start! What’s stopping you?

We will ask a few questions based on the scale of your project in order to narrow down the suitable lenders for you, in order to tailor the ideal package ready for the day you need it.

From working alongside several property developers over the last 20 years, the team at understand the difficulties faced with getting started and finding start up loans to get things off the ground. Which is why we are here to offer our assistance in finding the best deal for you.

How we can help

Portfolio examples.

Our client had a vision, which is where stepped in to assist funding his dream!
The plan was to:
• Refurbish the current property and sell for a profit (property A)
• Purchase a new property (property B)

The client also owned several other properties – all mortgaged. He had some funds towards the refurb or the purchase, but not both.

Property A had equity in it but he couldn’t access that equity without refinancing and he didn’t wish to do this as he was going to be selling it.

A second charge bridging loan wasn’t acceptable as the overall LTV was too high, similarly a secured loan.

There was not enough finance in his other properties to release the funds by way of remortgaging. Leading to us raising £110,000 by way of a 2nd charge loan on the existing property. However right at the last minute the existing lender refused to allow the second charge!

Not to be defeated we contacted another one of our lenders, having access to around 250, and explained the challenges experienced by our client.

Solving the issue..

Our new lender agreed to the finance against the two properties by way of a restriction instead of a charge; this meant that the 1st charge lenders permission was not required.

We also increased the loan to £130,000 meaning the client could do more extensive refurbishments than originally planned at an extra cost of £20,000 but this would give an increased resale value by approximately £60,000; a 300% return on those funds alone!

From application to the initial offer was just 6 days, and despite the hiccup with the first lender the entire application took 6 weeks start to completion.

The client commented: – “A massive thank you for your help on this.”

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