Refurbishment & Renovation Finance

Property refurbishment finance

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Financing refurbishments and renovations

Buying a property to refurbish or renovate can be a great way to develop a quality portfolio and build capital. High quality property results in happier tenants, higher rents and in happier investors!

Because you can buy smarter you can save money and help develop a stronger portfolio.

There are a variety of finance options for refurbishing, depending on the extent of the work required, the uplift in value and whether planning permission.

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Property refurbishment finance

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What types of property refurbishment finance are there?

The range of finance comes down to the type of property, the extent of the refurbishment or renovation required (in cost and time), the finished value and your plan with the finished property. Because we’re working for you with a wide panel (over 350 lenders) we’ll help consider each option before we make a recommendation.

  • Bridging loans;
    • Perfect for almost any property purchase.
    • Fund up to 90% of the purchase price of the property if the uplift in value is sufficient.
    • Borrow to purchase the property and for the refurbishment (up to 100% of works costs).
    • Repayment options could be convert to a term mortgage with any lender in the market or sale of the finished property.
  • Bridge to term products;
    • Use the same lender for the bridge as the term mortgage.
    • The mortgage is pre-approved before the property is even bought.
    • Reduced legal & professional fees by not switching lenders
    • You are not tied to the lender if there’s a better option elsewhere.
  • Refurbishment mortgage;
    • For minor or light refurbishments only.
    • No need to use bridging as long as the refurbishment cost is not more than 15% of the purchase price of the property.
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Refurbishment or renovation

The terms renovation and refurbishment are often used interchangeably and, for the purposes of property finance that’s generally fine.

Renovation really refers to the restoration of the existing property – so maintaining its features and style.

Refurbishment may well be the same process or might involve less work, just redecoration & replacing a kitchen or bathroom or could be as much as moving walls and making structural alterations.

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How to get a great refurbishment loan

As with any finance product, the quality of the bridging loan you get is directly related to how good a case we can put together for your bridging application.

In short, we’re looking for the following to put a great plan together.

  • The applicants;
    • Your experience and ability to complete any works.
    • Financial situation.
  • The plan;
    • Are your plans for the property feasible, legal and costed?
  • The exit (repayment) plan;
    • For a remortgage, will a mortgage be available?
    • Is the finished value (GDV – Gross Developed Value) realistic and rent (if applicable) sufficient?
    • For a planned sale is the finished property able to be sold in a realistic time?

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