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Getting the right holiday let or serviced accommodation mortgage

Investing in property is complex, made more so by the myriad of investment options available. have many years owning and funding holiday lets, so we understand your needs, issues and pain!

With more than 40 lenders on our holiday let specialist mortgage panel and other business and property lenders we’ll be able to make your holiday property dream into a reality.

Typically mortgages of up to 75% loan to value (LTV) are available nationwide with some lenders offering up to 80% in key areas.

It’s possible to borrow up to 100% of your holiday let property if you have equity in your buy to let portfolio or residential property.

The repayment will be made from income from the property which we’ll help you to assess. That means that your own income can be less important for a mortgage than it is for a residential property. Some lenders will have a minimum expected income for the applicants but this is generally set at a reasonable level.

There are holiday let mortgages for first time investors, portfolio owners and ex-pat investors, so whatever your funding need, you can trust to get the right holiday let or serviced accommodation mortgage.


We’ve been arranging funding since 1997 and, if you’ll forgive us for boasting but we think we’re quite good at it!

In fact – 7 x UK Best Broker Awards back us up in that assertion, so does our 5 star customer feedback.

So -for your buy to let mortgage needs, or anything else funding – make sure you use a broker you can trust.


Holiday Let Mortgages – FAQs

Can I stay in the holiday property myself?

Yes – lenders normally allow 6 to 8 weeks personal usage per year. If you’re going to need more than that then check in with your advisor to make sure we approach an appropriate lender for your situation.

I’m not sure if I want to offer Serviced Accommodation or a traditional tenancy – can I change my mind?

Many lenders need you to commit to one or the other business model. If you’re not sure there are lenders offering serviced accommodation mortgages who will allow the flexibility to change later so let your advisor know that’s what you’d prefer.

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