TOMS Shoes founder steps down after 10 years.

Giving away 60 million pairs of shoes in the first 10 years of trading might not be everyone’s idea of a great business idea but it’s worked for Blake Mycoskie the founder of TOMS shoes.

Blake has recently stepped down from his role as CEO of TOMS but does that mean he’s lost his vision?

TOMS shoes - social entrepreneurship at it's best
Changing the world, a pair of shoes at a time.

No – TOMS is a company with a mission, or, as he puts it “a mission with a company” and by stepping down Blake can see a huge future for the company he founded to help kids who needed shoes, get them.

Blake has inspired many different businesses to help the developing world during his 10 years at TOMS and with their expansion from shoes into bags, sunglasses and coffee the ability to help children in need grows on a daily basis.

It was seeing TOMS shoes recently in York which set me thinking about what could do to help those in need and how to do it.

Waiting for the right time is no longer an option, there will never be a better time than now to help those in need so are taking action.

Thats why we’ve joined global micro loans specialists

Zidisha is the first online microlending community that directly connects lenders and borrowers – no matter what the distance or disparity between them.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs in the developing world receive interest free loans, bypassing expensive local banks and intermediaries who make borrowing unaffordable to growing businesses.

Micro-lending is beyond charity

Helping small businesses to grow and thrive is what specialise in within the UK and we understand how many people benefit from such businesses; not just the owners but also their employees, customers and suppliers.

This positive effect on local communities within the UK can only be magnified in the developing world where formal jobs are far more rare than we are used to. are committed to helping small business in the UK to grow and thrive and now we’re rolling that mission out to the developing world. For every UK business finance we’ll help finance a business in the developing world through

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Read the full Business Insider interview with Blake Mycoskie here.

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