August rates update

get paid faster £5 invoice finance from acorn finance
  • Minimum income and credit history requirements apply
  • UK residents only
  • Must be a property owner
  • First-time landlords accepted
  • Minimum property value £75,000
  • No minimum income
  • Flexible credit history requirements
  • UK residents only
  • Must be a property owner
  • First-time landlords accepted
  • Minimum property value £50,000
  • No minimum income
  • Flexible on credit history
  • UK residents or Expats
  • First-time buyers accepted
  • Minimum loan £25,000
  • Company should be SPV
  • All directors/shareholders will be underwritten
  • Transfers into company considered
  • First-time landlords accepted
  • Minimum property value £75,000Minimum income and credit history requirements apply
  • 3 years BTL experience required (or 2 years HMO)
  • Must be a property owner
  • Multi-unit blocks up to 10 self contained units.
  • Minimum property value £100,000 (outside London)
  • Minimum income and credit history requirements apply
  • UK residents only
  • Must be a property owner
  • Must be established holiday let
  • Minimum property value £50,000Experience required
  • Lower rates for lower loan percentages
  • Flexible around applicant detailsUp to 100% Loan to Value for the right case
  • Rates from only 2.0% + Base Rate
  • History required (accounts)
  • Good profile required
  • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • Rates depend on amount of adverse
  • Flexible underwriting to suit your circumstances
  • Fast completion!
  • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • Rates from 2% plus base rate
  • Flexible underwriting to suit your circumstances
  • Most business tenant types approved
  • Severe adverse credit
  • No proof of funds
  • No proof of exit
  • Unclean title
  • Equitable Charges
  • Daily interest calculation
  • Residential property only
  • Efficient process and underwriting
  • No exit fees
  • No extension fees
  • 6 months at 0.65% per month
  • Residential property only – Specialist below market value/off-market lender
  • Efficient process and underwriting
  • £50,000 – £2,000,000
  • 3 – 12 month terms
  • Up to £500,000
  • More with security
  • Rates from 1.9% per annum
  • Up to 5 year repayment terms
  • 2 years trading history required
  • 3 months bank or merchant statements required
  • Borrow up to 10% of annual turnover
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Up to 5 year repayment terms
  • Facility grows with your trade
  • UK or international suppliers or customers
  • Stock or cashflow loans considered
  • Perfect for growing businesses
  • 3 – 5 year terms
  • Monthly repayments
  • 98% approval rate
  • Common sense UK lender

Refurbishment opportunities

1 bedroom house for sale Pindock Mews, Maida Vale, London, W9

Property opportunities – refurbishments

Some interesting properties appear on the market from time to time, here are a couple of interesting properties the team have spotted over the last couple of weeks; Here at we love helping property professionals, both experienced and aspiring to achieve their dreams.  We have access to more than two hundred lenders with differing specialisms.  That means that we’ll help you to find the best buy to let deal to grow your portfolio or get you started with refurbishment funding of up to 90% of the purchase price of a unit. You don’t have to be spending £2.5m or buying an old manor house, have worked with everything from terraced houses and single apartments through to commercial and large mixed investments. Our experts will take the time to understand your needs and longer term ambitions before partnering you with a lender who perfectly fits and will work with you for a prosperous future

£2.5m for a “crumbling one-bedroom property”?

Live like Sid & Nancy!

Rightmove are listing this property from Lurot Brand – described as “beautifully derelict” the house is in need of total and complete renovation – probably removing everything behind the façade and rebuilding from scratch.

But £2.5m for a renovation project?

It’s all about location, location, location for this one;

Pindock Mews connects Warwick Avenue and Castellain Road and is comprised of a mix of large residential mews houses and smaller quality business premises, predominantly in the creative sector. It has also had its fair sprinkling of celebrity residents over the years including musicians like Boy George and Marilyn as well as Janet Street Porter, Tony James of Sigue, Sigue Sputnik but none so famous, or even infamous, as The Sex Pistol’s late front man Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Is it worth it?

A property like this for £2.5m doesn’t come up every day but the value post refurbishment could easily reach £4m, after a build cost of only £700k.  I’ll let you judge the rest for yourself.

The Manor that time forgot

Lord of your own manor?

At the other end of the scale is this classic 18th century manor house in Stourbridge – at a bargain price of £350,000.

How is that possible?

This 4 bedroom manor, with it’s palatial kitchen and 49 seat private cinema (yes, really) is slap bang in the middle of a suburban housing estate!

£350,000 – seriously?

Again – it’s all about location, location, location and the setting here is probably not doing the sellers any favours.  It’s got to be worth a look though – again, it’s on Rightmove – of course.

Stuck with a bridging loan?

Are you stuck with a bridging loan?

Bridging loans are a great resource for the property professional and allow a faster purchase of a property, help a purchase to go ahead when the property is not “mortgageable” (ie it may not have a bathroom or a kitchen or might need other renovation to make it habitable) or to free up capital locked up within a finished project due for sale.

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How to renovate

Whether you’re flipping or growing a buy to let portfolio, buying a property project to renovate can bring in a healthy profit.

Our guide will help you avoid the property renovation pitfalls and help you profit every time.

As the house market has picked up over the last few years so has the opportunity to profit by buying a property to renovate.

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