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The 5 steps to extending or refurbishing your pub or bar

About Contact us  Don’t apply for a loan or mortgage without knowing exactly what you need.  Whilst in many cases someone with my experience might be able to give you options of what is available in the marketplace, if you only approach your own bank (like 60% of other UK business owners do) then […]

7 tips for the self employed needing a mortgage work with professional partners to get you the best mortgage deal for your circumstances. For us self employed and small business owners the recession has left us with a particular headache which is not business related, the withdrawal, almost completely of the self-certified mortgage. So how can you improve your chances of getting a […]

How to create perfect posts on social media

Struggling with your social media strategy? housands of small business owners around the world struggle with what they want to say, what their “voice” is of the different platforms and how to present the information. This helpful infographic came from but is so useful I needed to repeat it here. They have a huge amount […]

How to get into property development

Property development research  Would you like to orchestrate the development of a building? Buy the land? Finance real estate deals? Then hopefully we can help you on this path for property development. For many people may already know what they want to develop and where exactly they want to develop the building, but on the contrary […]