How to write a business plan (part 2)

Getting started with your business plan

Start your business plan away from your computer!

Most business owners (myself included) have a tendancy to sit down at the computer and start to write a document from the beginning, so, starting with the executive summary and work through to the end.  Once the plan is finished you are so sick of it receives the swiftest of re-reads to check grammar but no full edit and revise process.

The result is often a disjointed and somewhat mediocre business plan.

Follow our simple process to write your own killer business plan.

1 – Brainstorm

Grab a large piece of paper and a packet of post-it notes

Start jotting ideas down to cover as many of the following as you can;

With these key themes start to “work outwards” from each section header – this will help you to develop your ideas.

There are many more points here but this will get the plan started and some ideas on paper.

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