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Helping the wider community with Zidisha.

Although acorn.finance is a small business, we take our social responsibility seriously which is why we use Zidisha.org to help fund entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Zidisha bypass the middlemen when funding for young adults in developing countries, meaning there’s no sky high interest rates!

Developing countries are home to unbelievable amounts of energy, and ambition. And because millions of young adults in developing countries are now online, they no longer need traditional charities to tell their remarkable stories.

Acorn.finance lend finance to many of these young adults, who aspire to start-up and develop small businesses. With direct contact to the entrepreneurs, we understand their aspirations and dreams, and have seen many success stories unfold!

Our commitment is that for every UK business we help fund, we’ll help fund a business in the developing world.  So far this year we’ve helped more than 50 businesses to grow and impacted hundreds of lives for the better.

Our activity on Zidisha provides more than just aid, it fulfills dreams and whilst doing so the knock on effects are immense.

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