What makes different is our holistic view of your finance requirements known as FUNDED.

FUNDED is a unique six step system to make sure the funding you get is the funding you need.


  • F – Facts
  • U – Understanding
  • N – Needs
  • D – Discussion
  • E – Execution
  • D – Delivery


First of all we need to know where you are. We need a helicopter view of your business (or your planned business). This is likely to include things like;

  • Sales and profits – historic and future projections
  • Credit background of the business and the individuals behind it
  • What the business does, how and why!


Beyond the facts, your turnover, profitability, seasonality and credit history (the facts), we’ll also need to understand your long term goals for the business, where it’s headed! Because we take the time to understand your whole business, we can give better short term advice which will lead to achieving your long term goals.


We’ve got a great understanding of how your business works and where it’s going. So now let’s look at the immediate needs, what funding do you need now, how will it be used and move you forward?


Now that your advisor fully understands your business and needs, we’ll move the discussion over to lenders. For the most part the discussions you’ve already had with us will have led your advisor down to a handful of funding sources. We’ll then be presenting and discussing your case with those finance providers in order to ensure you’re getting the best possible terms from the lender best for you, both now and into the future.


Working closely with the funder we’ll make sure all their requirements are met as quickly as possible, this harks back to ensuring we had the full facts at the outset and a good understanding of your needs. Because underwriters often ask questions or have requirements which were not expected, it’s great that we’ll have a good understanding of your business already.


Once the offer is out and we’ve got funds committed, that’s not the end. After all – the end is when the funds are in your account or the property is bought!

With that in mind we’ll be working with delivery partners to make sure you get the funds, when you need them. That might mean solicitors for a property transaction, different parts of the funder, accountants or others. Ultimately we’re only successful if you are, so we’ll keep working with you to get you FUNDED and beyond!