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We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowering Small Businesses Globally: – supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Here at, we are not just about business finance; we are about making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Please let us explain why actively supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on empowering small business owners in the developing world through microloan programs.

Introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. They address various global challenges, including poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, clean energy, economic growth, industry innovation, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, and global partnerships.

Why Supports SDGs have been supporting small business owners, property developers and investors in the UK economy since 1997. In that time we have enabled thousands of people to benefit from better jobs, places to live and work and to support the development of their local community and economy.

Small business owners are closely connected to the communities they work in, in a way that larger businesses often aren’t. The profits they generate work locally, they employ local people and the benefits of their profits are felt locally.

It is our belief that supporting small businesses like these in the developing world will build their communities in a similar way and support the UN SDGs;

Goal 1: No Poverty  

Microloans for local economic development:   We believe in alleviating poverty through accessible financial tools. Microloans help small business owners to grow their enterprises, creating ripple effects throughout their communities. The subject business grows and employs more staff, raising more people out of poverty, indirectly supporting other businesses and giving budding entrepreneurs the role models to follow suit in their own business.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger  

Supporting Agriculture Ventures: understands the role of small agribusinesses in ensuring food security. Our support aids in sustainable agricultural practices.

Goal 4: Quality Education  

Educational Opportunities for Entrepreneurs:   We contribute to quality education by providing financial resources to entrepreneurs, fostering skill development and knowledge enhancement.

Successful business owners also understand the need to educate their children to give them a successful future and the ability and vision to improve their community.

Goal 5: Gender Equality  

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: actively supports female entrepreneurs, contributing to gender equality in the business landscape.

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy  

Promoting Sustainable Practices:   Where possible our commitment extends to businesses focusing on clean energy, aligning with Goal 7 for a sustainable future.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth  

Creating Job Opportunities:   Small businesses are the backbone of successful economies. supports job creation and economic growth by financing small enterprises.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth  

Creating Job Opportunities:   Small businesses are the backbone of successful economies. supports job creation and economic growth by financing small enterprises.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure  

Fostering Innovation:   We believe in the power of innovation. Our support extends to small businesses contributing to technological advancements and sustainable infrastructure, as local communities become more affluent their infrastructure needs and ability to contribute to such projects improves dramatically.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities  

Financial Inclusion: actively works towards reducing economic inequalities by providing financial resources to businesses in areas where the business funding options may be limited or non-existant.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities  

Supporting Local Businesses:   Vibrant local businesses contribute to sustainable communities. aim to support businesses which enhance the fabric of local communities.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production  

Encouraging Sustainability:   We support businesses who prioritise responsible consumption and production, contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals  

Collaborating for Impact: understands the power of collaboration. By asking you to support the SDGs and by matching the funding you’re able to contribute we can double our impact! By sharing your impact you’ll encourage others to join us.

Progress in Action

The UN has made substantial progress towards achieving the SDGs. Key milestones include:

  • Global Awareness:   The SDGs have gained widespread acknowledgment, building a shared commitment to global development.
  • Policy Integration:   Many countries have integrated the SDGs into their national policies, aligning their development strategies with the global agenda.
  • Private Sector Engagement:   Businesses worldwide are increasingly integrating the SDGs into their corporate strategies, contributing to sustainable practices.
  • Local Initiatives:   Communities globally have embraced the SDGs, leading to numerous local initiatives addressing specific goals at the grassroots level.

As a small business we can share our commitment and progress to the SDGs. By actively supporting the UN Global Goals, particularly through microloan programmes for small businesses in the developing world, we contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us in this journey towards meaningful impact, where every financial decision can become a catalyst for positive change.