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Will a heavy refurbishment loan revitalise your portfolio?

Revitalise Your Investment: Heavy Refurbishment Loans Now Available!

Improving your portfolio? Our Heavy Refurbishment Loan options are perfect to transform your properties and unlock their full potential.

What’s a Heavy Refurbishment Loan:

At, we understand the importance of keeping your property portfolio vibrant and profitable.

Heavy Refurbishment Loans offer a flexible and accessible funding solution for investors looking to undertake substantial renovation projects.

No matter if you’re planning a full-scale refurbishment or a major renovation a refurbishment loan is perfect to support your vision and turn your investment dreams into reality.

Couple midway through a property renovation, dressed in work clothes covered in paint and plaster.

The Power of the FUNDED System:

With our innovative FUNDED system, securing financing for your heavy refurbishment projects has never been easier. Our experienced team of finance specialists will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Straightaway from your initial consultation through to funding approval, we leverage the power of the FUNDED system to streamline the application process and provide you with the financial support you need to revitalise your investments.

What are the Key Features of Heavy Refurbishment Loans?

  • A Flexible Loan Amounts;
    • Your heavy refurbishment loan can help cover the initial purchase price of the property and subsequently up to 100% of the cost of works.
    • In like fashion, a refinance could cover amount you owe now owing to the increase in value, potentially finance some of the renovation in advance.
  • Competitive Interest Rates;
    • Because we work with the widest range of heavy refurbishment lenders we’ll make sure that you get the best interest rate. Therefore you get the maximum return on investment by keeping finance costs as low as possible.
  • Fast Approval and Funding;
    • As can be seen, time is of the essence when it comes to property renovations. With our streamlined application process and quick approval times, you can access the funds you need to start your project without delay.

What are the Benefits of Heavy Refurbishment Loans?

  • You can increase property value;
    • By investing in renovations and refurbishments, subsequently your properties will increase in value and as a result receive higher rent.
  • Improved rental yield;
    • As has been noted above, renovated properties often command shorted void periods, providing you with a steady stream of income and improving the overall profitability of your portfolio.
  • Attract better quality tenants;
    • Upgraded properties are more appealing to tenants. As a result you should attract higher quality tenants.
  • Stay Competitive;
    • In a competitive property market, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Renovating your properties helps you stay relevant and attract discerning tenants or buyers.
build a home to love with a self build mortgage or refurbishment loan to alter what you have.

    So is a heavy refurbishment loan right for you?

    To sum up, with Heavy Refurbishment Loans from, you have the power to upgrade your investment properties and unlock their full potential. As a result of using our innovative FUNDED system, combined with flexible loan options and competitive interest rates, makes funding your next renovation project easier than ever before.

    So don’t let your investment properties languish – seize the opportunity to transform them into profitable assets with’s Heavy Refurbishment Loans today!

    To find out more about a refurbishment loan click here or contact us now to discuss your needs.

    How do refurbishment loans work?

    For the purpose of a BRRR (Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent) deal then a bridging loan to refurbish is perfect. That’s because it can help with the purchase of the property. The refurbishment loan can cover the cost of completed works, these are known as stage payments. Depending on the refurbishment and the bridging lender this might be based on invoices, a quantity surveyor’s report or an updated valuation.

    Once the works are finished your refurbishment loan needs to be repaid either by selling it or by refinancing.

    Can I get a loan to refurbish a house?

    Of course you can use a renovation bridging loan for a house, a semi commercial property or commercial property. Equally a conversion project would likely use a heavy refurbishment loan because planning permission is going to be needed.

    Would a bridging loan work for a refurb?

    A bridging loan without the staged drawdowns can be used for a refurbishment provided you have the funds available to complete the works. We’ll need to tell your bridging finance lender about your plans to make sure they offer that sort of product.

    Can I borrow extra on my mortgage for renovations?

    Regardless of the fact that your renovations will add value to the property, there’s a period when the property might drop in value. Most mortgage lenders are very risk averse and so would reject significant works. If the refurbishment is minor and you don’t need to borrow it’s worth asking them.

    Furthermore there are some lenders who offer specialist refurbishment mortgages. Talk to our expert advisors to see if a refurbishment mortgage would be perfect for you. Comparatively these can sometimes cost more than a refurbishment loan and remortgage so advice is vital!

    Who do I contact for renovation advice?