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Whatever your business – whatever you make or sell, you have to have somewhere to do it.

You can rent – if you like.

Or you can buy using a commercial mortgage arranged by 

No landlord to deal with, no rent increases and if property prices increase, YOU WIN!

It’s easier than you think to buy business premises using a business mortgage, especially if you’re already paying rent so contact us today and get your business out of generation rent!

Recent success stories

Our commercial finance broker team work with all kinds of business owners, property developers and investors.

Recently we’ve worked with (and provided funding for);

  • Commercial investment - £1.75m
    Refinance of a commercial investment property onto a long term commercial mortgage
  • Land acquisition - £45k
    Bridging finance to support the purchase of land for future development
  • Expat buy to Let - £155k
    Purchase of a first buy to let property for client with no UK property resident in the Gulf
  • Holiday let - £850k
    Specialist holiday let properties purchased from the receiver using a commercial mortgage
  • Pub purchase - £275k
    Purchase of the freehold of a pub already traded by our client on a lease - 90% of purchase price funded
  • Portfolio refinance - £4m
    Found lending to refinance a portfolio of buy to let properties held in trust
  • Development finance - £150k
    In-fill development of 2 homes meeting the passive house standards using modern construction methods.
  • Development finance - £2.5m
    We arranged development funding for the build of 9 bungalows on a brown-field site.
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The best commercial mortgage rate for your business

With over 300 lenders on our commercial and property lending panel, our key task is to keep things simple for you.

We call it F.U.N.D.E.D. It’s a 6 step process, which is unique to

FUNDED means that your broker will take the time to understand your finance case and business before we make recommendations;

It saves you time and money because by having that detailed understanding we go directly to the best sources of funding

Find out more about our FUNDED system.

A small selection of our lending panel;

Commercial mortgage rates

As a whole of market commercial mortgage broker we're able to access specialist lenders for your business. You get your approval faster - at better interest rates.

Commercial mortgage payments

With options to repay capital and interest over terms of up to 30 years, possibility of interest only periods or part and part repayments, the monthly (or quarterly) payments can be matched to fit your requirements.

Commercial mortgage loan amounts

Our specialist lenders can lend more than the typical "high street bank" - meaning your deposit can go further, getting you the business or property you really want!

Premises for your business

Does your existing business need a new home? Have you outgrown your existing premises? Or - has your landlord offered you the freehold you're already trading from? Our experts can help assess your mortgage requirement and through our market leading panel of over 300 lenders you can raise from 70% to 90% of the property purchase price depending on your circumstances.

Buying a business

Buying a business can often mean taking a commercial mortgage. Many types of business trade from "bricks and mortar" premises. All these types of business can look to purchasing their property through a commercial mortgage. As has a market leading panel of lenders we will ensure you get the  competitive interest rates and repayment terms for your business mortgage.

Commercial investment property mortgages

When it comes to investing in commercial or semi-commercial property an experienced commercial finance broker is the only way to get the best deals in the market. Back in 2015 George Osborne announced changes to the tax relief rules for residential (Buy to let) investors. As a result many investors have looked to commercial or semi-commercial property to improve their rental profits, for instance. Commercial and semi-commercial property falls outside the restrictive tax rules set out by George Osborne and can be a great addition to any portfolio.  Our finance experts will arrange the ideal funding for your situation and target property.

Portfolio commercial mortgages

For growing businesses our commercial mortgage brokers have access to a wide variety of lenders with no lending limits - allowing your business to grow and fulfil it's potential.

Why entrust your commercial mortgage application to

As a leading business finance broker have specialised in arranging mortgages, loans and other finance for UK SMEs since 1997, winning 6 best UK broker awards along the way.

We work with an extensive panel of commercial mortgage lenders, from the high street banks, centralised banks, challenger banks, crowdfunders and private financiers so that we can get you the very best commercial mortgage interest rates for your proposition.

Because your broker is working for you, not the lender, we’ll arrange finance to meet your needs not the bank’s! We’ll take the time to understand what’s important to you when we’re putting your case together, and always ensure that the lender suits your plans, both in the short term AND your long term goals.

Commercial mortgage frequently asked questions

How much deposit will I need for a commercial mortgage?

The level of deposit needed against a commercial property purchase is very much dependent on the type of business and your own circumstances.  In most cases the deposit needed will be between 30% and 40% of the purchase price but in some circumstances it could be lower or higher - for instance, a sitting tenant purchasing their freehold at a discount might be funded at 90% - 100% of the discounted purchase price. 

Is a mortgage a high risk for my business?

There is always some risk when borrowing but that should be set alongside the advantages to the business of owning the property and the fact that, generally speaking, the rent for a given property would be higher than the mortgage payment for the same property.  Therefore you might actually be reducing your risk rather than increasing it. 

Borrowing more for a better business or a better property in a better location can actually be lower risk than compromising on these things and failing in business.

I can't afford the repayments my bank expect.

One of the biggest factors in the amount of repayment is be the term of  a mortgage.  Extending the term of a mortgage from 10 years to 20 years can have a dramatic effect on the monthly or quarterly repayments, meaning the difference between your business surviving and failing, especially during the early days.

Of course, once the business is thriving you'll be able to make additional payments in most circumstances and reduce the term, while keeping control and the finances being manageable.

What are the best commercial mortgage rates?

No matter what your business, big or small, established or starting up, will work with you to arrange your commercial mortgage at the best possible rates of interest.

Whilst lenders such as Barclays Bank or Lloyds Bank may offer the lowest interest rates these are not always right for every customer.  A higher loan might be a little more expensive but get you a better business and thus reduce your overall risk.

What is the difference between a commercial mortgage and a loan?

A commercial mortgage is a loan which is secured against commercial property. 

If a loan is not a commercial mortgage then it's an unsecured loan - find out more about our business loan offerings here.

Are the best commercial finance brokers? have been established since 1997 and thus have more experience of commercial mortgages than most brokers who are less established. We've also won 6 best UK broker awards and been highly commended in other years. So - you can certainly rely on us.

Our 5* out of 5 review score demonstrates how much care take of our customers and how we'll look after your needs.

Why is there no commercial mortgage calculator on the website?

A commercial mortgage calculator relies on you, the customer knowing how much you'll be able to borrow from a bank or other mortgage lender, what their best commercial mortgage rate is and whether you're able to get a commercial mortgage at that rate.  

This is what a commercial mortgage broker is for - giving you real  information about the best commercial mortgage for your business  not just a generic quotation.

We'll give you a fully detailed quotation with the interest rates, payments and other costs of your commercial mortgage. Just ask.

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