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refurbishment project half complete, using a heavy refurbishment or light renovation finance to complete the refurbishment works,


Loan to Cost (LTC) Understanding the Essence:Loan to Cost (LTC) is a pivotal metric in property development financing. It represents the percentage of the total project cost covered by the loan. The calculation is straightforward: LTC = [ (Loan amount)/(Project… Read More »LTC & LTGDV

Terraced houses offering great targets for buy to let mortgages

Loan to value

Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is a fundamental metric in property finance, playing a pivotal role in determining the risk associated with a mortgage and influencing interest rates. Understanding LTV is crucial for both borrowers and lenders as it directly impacts the… Read More »Loan to value

balloons showing % symbols to show inflation and interest rates - the primary reasons for using top slicing

Top slicing

In the dynamic landscape of property investment, securing a buy-to-let mortgage can present challenges, especially when interest rates are on the higher side. One strategic approach that has gained traction is “top slicing.” Let’s delve into what top slicing is… Read More »Top slicing