Cash flow help with a merchant cash advance

An innovative alternative to a business loan a merchant cash advance provides funding secured only against your future card sales.

This makes it great for retail businesses selling anything from cards to cars, leisure businesses like pubs, hotels and B&Bs and other sectors using a card terminal for their sales.

Because the only security taken is against your future sales a merchant cash advance is perfect for leased or tenanted businesses or even online retailers with no bricks and mortar presence.

What’s great about a merchant cash advance?

Grow your business

A merchant cash advance will give you access to a lump sum of cash, quickly and with flexibility.

£2,500 to £300,000

Your funding level is dependent on what you can afford. Flexible terms mean your repayments are based on your monthly trade not a fixed amount.

Fixed cost

No matter how long you take to repay, you pay the same amount.

No security

The debt is not secured against your property, the security is the future sales through your card terminal.


Repayments are based on your monthly sales – so having a good month helps you pay it down faster, a quiet month means a lower payment and no cash-flow stress!


Complete the form and give us your last 3 months merchant statements and we’ll get the funding for you in just a few days.

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