Revolving Credit Facility

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A great finance solution to unlock your property equity and use it time and again. 

Flexible funding to suit your needs is a broker, working on your behalf we’ll get you or your business FUNDED

We’ve been arranging finance for people just like you since 1997.  We’ve funded hundreds of businesses, properties and careers! Everyone we work with gets the best service available, thats why we’ve been awarded best UK broker awards 6 years running.  

Much like an overdraft a revolving credit facility allows you to borrow and repay funds up to a pre-agreed level for the term of the agreement.

The beauty of a revolving credit facility is that once the facility is set up, the funds can be used as often as you want for the term agreed with no more set up costs.

Almost anything! 

The facility can act as a pot of cash for auction purchases, quick cash deals or for business purposes.

As long as the funds are used for a legal purpose there is no restriction on what you use them for.a

Through a variety of funders you are able to arrange a facility of between £25,000 and £3,000,000.

Available terms vary between 12 and 36 months.

A maximum of 80% of property value can be arranged.


There are a number of funders offering revolving credit facilities and the costs vary between them.

We will provide you with a full detailed quote before you agree to take the facility but you’ll typically have to pay valuation fees, legal fees and  arrangement fees.

Some lenders also charge a small monthly facility fee against the unused portion of the facility.

Even though the facility could be operated for up to 36 months you’ll only have to pay the fees once and there are no early repayment fees to worry about.


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Having more than 300 lenders on our lending panel means our key task is to keep things simple for you!

We call it F.U.N.D.E.D. 

It’s a simple 6 step process, which is unique to

FUNDED means that your broker will take the time to understand your funding needs today AND your future plans before we make recommendations;

It saves you time and money because by having that detailed understanding we go directly to the best sources of funding.

What types of funding can arrange?

For property investors and property developers. Our panel of bridging lenders covers short term finance for refurbishment, conversion or development. 

You can also refinance your bridging loan or purchase directly onto a buy to let mortgage or commercial investment mortgage.

Our finance experts have extensive experience in the commercial funding market and using our FUNDED model.

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Does work with all businesses?

Your business needs funds, from looking after day to day cash flow to property purchases.

Through you can access a market leading panel of almost 350 lending sources.

Our finance experts have extensive experience in the commercial funding market and using our FUNDED model.

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