Moving to a freehold pub from a lease

Property experts reveal the best way to make the move from leased to freehold property in the pub industry This is a great article aimed at those in leasehold pubs who would like to make the move into property ownership.  Although aimed at the pub sector it’s just as relevant to any small business. Read more […]

The 5 steps to extending or refurbishing your pub or bar

About Contact us  Don’t apply for a loan or mortgage without knowing exactly what you need.  Whilst in many cases someone with my experience might be able to give you options of what is available in the marketplace, if you only approach your own bank (like 60% of other UK business owners do) then […]

Don’t panic – interest rates are rising but it’s not the end of the world

Rising interest rates?

Thanks to the Morning Advertiser for a great article explaining the impact of the recent interest rate hike on the licensed trade. The main points being; A £250,000 mortgage will increase by around £30 per month. A £500,000 mortgage will increase by around £60 per month. For the typical publican therefore, the impact of the hike […]