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The 2024 UK General Election and Its Likely Impact on the Housing Market

How could the election affect the uk property market?

The upcoming 2024 UK general election is poised to have significant implications for the housing market, particularly for first-time buyers and other customers of This comprehensive analysis will explore the potential outcomes of the election on the housing sector, with a specific focus on policies, market reactions, and how can support various mortgage needs in this evolving landscape.

Current Challenges for First-Time Buyers Getting a Mortgage

First-time buyers in the UK are currently facing some of the toughest market conditions in 70 years. A combination of high house prices, stringent lending criteria, and economic uncertainty have created substantial barriers to homeownership. Reports indicate that the average deposit required has soared, and the affordability gap continues to widen, especially in urban areas.

  • High Deposits and Affordability Issues: The Building Societies Association highlights that high deposits are a significant hurdle for first-time buyers, many of whom struggle to save enough due to rising living costs .
  • Dual Income Requirement: Increasingly, two high incomes are necessary to secure a mortgage, making it particularly challenging for single buyers to enter the market .

The Election’s Influence on Housing Policies

The general election brings a spotlight on housing policies, with all major political parties proposing measures to address housing affordability and supply. These policies will directly influence the housing market dynamics and the opportunities available to first-time buyers.

Potential Policy Changes

Increased Housing Supply:

  • Conservative Party: Historically, the Conservatives have focused on increasing housing supply through various schemes, including Help to Buy and the First Homes initiative. These programs aim to make homes more affordable for first-time buyers by offering discounts and favorable financing options .
  • Labour Party: Labour’s platform often includes substantial investments in affordable housing, proposing to build more council homes and regulate private rentals to ensure affordability .

Mortgage Market Reforms:

  • Interest Rate Adjustments: The Bank of England’s monetary policies, in part influenced by the new government, will affect mortgage rates. Lower interest rates can reduce monthly mortgage payments, making borrowing more accessible.
  • Support for First-Time Buyers: Policies aimed at reducing the financial burden on first-time buyers, such as increased lending limits and reduced deposit requirements, could be introduced .

Tax and Regulation Changes:

  • Stamp Duty Reforms: Changes to stamp duty thresholds and rates can make a significant impact. First-time buyer exemptions and reductions can lower the initial cost barrier.
  • Regulation of Buy-to-Let Market: Stricter regulations on buy-to-let properties may increase the availability of homes for first-time buyers as a result of reducing competition from investors .

Market Reactions and Economic Implications

The housing market’s reaction to the election will depend on the perceived stability and effectiveness of the new government’s policies. Immediate reactions could result in fluctuations in house prices and changes in buyer and seller behaviour.

Short-Term Market Reactions

  • Market Uncertainty: Elections often bring uncertainty, which can slow down the housing market as buyers and sellers adopt a wait-and-see approach. This can lead to temporary stagnation or even slight declines in house prices .
  • Investor Behavior: Investors may pull back or adjust their strategies based on anticipated regulatory changes, thus affecting the availability and pricing of rental properties.

Long-Term Economic Implications

  • Economic Stability: A stable government with clear, effective policies can boost market confidence, leading to a more robust housing market. Whereas if the result is not clear cut confidence might be lower.
  • Employment and Wage Growth: Economic policies promoting job creation and wage growth will enhance the ability of first-time buyers to save for deposits and afford mortgage payments.

How Can Help

Amid these challenges and changes, offers tailored solutions to help first-time buyers and other clients navigate the complexities of the housing market.

Mortgage Solutions for First-Time Buyers

  1. First-Time Buyer Mortgages:
  • Low Deposit Mortgages: offers access to products that require lower deposits, thus easing the initial financial burden on first-time buyers.
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages: These provide stability with consistent monthly payments, likewise protecting buyers from interest rate fluctuations.
  • Help to Buy and First Homes: can assist clients in understanding and applying for government schemes designed to make homeownership more affordable.
  1. Support and Advice:
  • Mortgage Brokers: Experienced brokers at offer you a personal service, thus helping you to choose the best mortgage products based on their financial situation and market conditions.

Solutions for Other Mortgage Needs

  1. Remortgaging:
  • Lower Rates: helps homeowners find better rates when remortgaging, therefore saving money and freeing up funds for other investments.
  • Debt Consolidation: Remortgaging can also be used to consolidate debts into a single, manageable payment.
  1. Buy-to-Let Mortgages:
  • Investment Advice: For clients interested in property investment, & provides guidance on buy-to-let mortgages, helping them navigate regulatory changes and maximise returns.
  1. Self-Employed and Freelance Mortgages:
  • Tailored Products: Understanding the unique challenges faced by self-employed individuals, as a result offers tailored mortgage advice and solutions that consider varying income patterns.

Illustrations and Examples

Case Study: First-Time Buyer Success

Client Profile: Sarah, a single professional in her mid-30s, looking to buy her first home.


  • High deposit requirement
  • Single income limitation


  • advised Sarah on available low deposit mortgage schemes.
  • Assisted with applying for the Help to Buy scheme, which offered a government-backed equity loan.
  • Provided financial planning support to ensure affordability.


  • Sarah successfully purchased her first home with a manageable mortgage and deposit.

Case Study: Remortgaging for Financial Flexibility

Client Profile: John and Emma, homeowners looking to remortgage to reduce monthly payments.


  • Existing mortgage reverted to variable rate with high-interest rates
  • Limited knowledge of remortgaging options


  • identified a fixed-rate remortgage deal with a lower interest rate.
  • Provided detailed cost comparisons and future savings projections.


  • John and Emma secured a new mortgage with lower monthly payments, improving their financial flexibility.
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In conclusion

To sum up, the 2024 UK general election will undoubtedly bring changes to the housing market, impacting first-time buyers and existing homeowners alike. is committed to helping clients navigate these changes with tailored mortgage solutions and expert advice. By understanding the potential policy shifts and economic implications, can provide the support and resources needed to achieve homeownership goals in a dynamic market.


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